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Hutchison family - Ferdinand, Christina, William and Ambrose
By Elaine

"I am related to this family and if there are any descendants interested in sharing information I would be delighted to hear from them. Ferdinand was a doctor in Hawaii and was instrumental in starting the leper colony at Molokai. His son Ambrose was an inmate there for about 50 years, and helped run the colony with Father Damien. I would be interested to hear from any descendants of the Hutchison family. "

My Memoir
By Judy

"I am an award-winning (Grammy) songwriter and magazine Editor. I am also a great lover of the Hawaiian culture and of the Islands themselves. I spend lots of time there and hope to retire there. I am now writing my memoir for publication. I need exciting and personal stories of courage from Hawaiians to go along with my own. If you have one, contact me here.
Portugues Immigraton
By Wilbur

"Just finished the book Pau Hana. Wonderful read and deals with my family who immigrated to Hawaii in the 1870s. My fathers family immigrated to Kauai, mothers to Hilo. I was born in Honolulu, 1942. Very proud of my heritage."
japanese geneology in hawaii
By tashia


My name is Tashia. My boy friend Brandon Higashi and I recently found that his family name is Narinagato. When his family arrived here from japan they had to chenge their last name to Higashi. I'm assuming for safety and a new life. We were also told that he is okinawan. We don't know where to start to find the truth and was hoping we could get help."
Royalty of Hawaii
By Rochelle

"In my research paper at boarding school, the kings and queen are my topic, are there a lot of more monarchs on each island before Kamehameha?


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