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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Cornerstone of a new Masonic Temple laid at Makiki and Kinau Streets.

A hunt for Amelia Earhart who is lost on a round-the-world flight centers around Hawaiian waters.

Territorial Board of Agriculture and Forestry announces the planting of 160,000 trees in the forest.

Gene "Tarzan" Smith crosses the Moloka`i Channel on a 13-foot paddleboard, making the trip in nine hours.

Trolley coaches replace street cars on Waikiki run.

New wing dedicated to King Lunalilo opens at Queen's Hospital.

W.Z. Fairbanks appointed First Assistant Public Prosecutor.

After only one year of training, Soichi Sakamoto's Three-Year Swim Club members win every Hawai`i swim meet they enter.

Maui swimmer Takashi "Halo" Hirose - only 15 years old - wins second in 200-meter swim and fourth in 100-meter swim in the European Games.

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Inter-Island Steamship Company docks shut down after two years of sporadic strikes; dozens hospitalized in related violence.

Program to encourage more diversified farming among Hawaiian homesteaders begins on Moloka`i with planting 500 acres of Indian corn inter-cropped with pigeon pea.

Controversy begins over the location of a fish cannery in Hilo.

Hawaiian Taro Products, Ltd. plant begins production.

Honolulu Rapid Transit begins trolley service in Honolulu.

Drydock workers strike settled after four months.

$109,660,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai`i; exports total $98,086,000, the first time they dip below imports since 1869.

Filipino workers organize Pineapple Workers Union on Moloka`i and conduct brief successful strike.

Hawai`i Calls premiers.

Mokapu Cyclone tracked; Kailua and O`ahu catch the brunt of the storm's force. Winds are recorded at 54 miles per hour with the barometer falling to 29.77 inches, the lowest figure reported since the Weather Bureau Office had opened 34 years earlier.

Severe earthquake felt on all islands.

Korean Christian Church built, closely replicating the famous Kwang Wha Mun gate in Seoul.

Harry Owens, Hawai`i orchestra leader and composer, wins Academy Award for best film song for "Sweet Leilani."

Historic Mokuaekaue Church in Kailua, Hawai`i completely restored.

Puerto Rican Adolph Samuels wins the Islands' bantamweight and featherweight championship in boxing for the second year running.

Photocopying invented.

George and Ladislao Biro invent the ballpoint pen.

Hitler takes over the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia.

Howard Hughes circles the earth by plane in a little under four days.

Orson Wells airs War of the Worlds.

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