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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Soichi Sakamoto, an elementary science teacher and Boy Scout master with no previous coaching experience, organizes the Three Year Swimming Club to prepare his proteges for the 1940 Helsinki Olympics. His Maui swimmers train in plantation irrigation ditches. Read More.

Ground broken for new National Guard Armory at Wailuku, Maui.

New Nu`uanu YMCA under construction.

John Kelly shapes a surfboard with a V-shaped tail and rounded bottom, improving maneuverability.

During testimony before the Congressional Statehood Committee, Haan Kil-soo, a Korean resident of Hawai`i, charges the Japanese government attempted to unite Asians against whites. Japanese Vice-consul Tsueneshiro Yamazaki terms the accusation ridiculous.

Kimono Queen Eiko Yoriko starts her beauty business. She and a handful of others still practice the ancient Japanese art of elaborate dressing.

First modern bowling alley, the ten-lane Pla-Mor, opens at Hotel and Richards Street.

Longshoremen begin peaceful picketing at piers in Hawai`i.

Waikiki Business and Improvement Association holds first meeting.

Passage of a favorable sugar act grants Hawai`i a quota as a domestic sugar producer.

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Kodak Hula Show opens as a tourist attraction in Waikiki.

Filipino labor leader Antonio Fagel imprisoned and charged with conspiracy to kidnap a Filipino worker during a strike. Following his imprisonment, union organization falls apart, marking the end of exclusively Filipino unions in Hawai`i.

$113,975,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai`i; exports total $132,240,000.

Workers strike at Puunene plantation on Maui. For the first time, arrested labor organizers have legal representation provided by a federal labor organization (CIO).

Hawaiian Islands Federation of Labor unites 29 unions headed by Maxie Weisbarth of the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific.

Amalgamated Union - street and electric railway employees - granted charter as part of national AFL transit workers union.

Manuel Vierra reports two large cannabis plants - both over eight feet high - growing in Pauoa Valley. Vierra had planted the seeds 10 months earlier under the impression that they were tobacco seeds.

Amelia Earhart, Paul Mantz, Harry Manning and Fred Noonan arrive in Honolulu after a 15 hour flight from Oakland. It's the first leg of a projected trip around the globe, but Earhart's plane crashes when taking off from Honolulu for Howland Island and the flight is abandoned.

John Young Gallery established.

Puerto Rican Adolph Samuels wins the Islands' bantamweight and featherweight championship in boxing.

Waikiki Wedding starring Bing Crosby is a huge movie success.

Picasso paints Guernica.

Walt Disney's first feature premieres: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hindenberg crashes.

Japan invades China.

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