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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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The government starts a fire at Beretania and Nu`uanu to burn out plague spots, but winds blow the fire out of control despite four fire engines and many firemen at the ready. The fire burns at least 17 days, destroying 38 acres of homes in Chinatown, leaving more than 4,000 homeless. Read More.

Hawai'i officially becomes a United States Territory.

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Sanford B. Dole appointed governor of the Hawai'i Territory.

Board of Health inaugurates an anti-rat crusade throughout the city and offers a $100 reward for every genuine plague case reported.

Oahu Polo Club founded.

James Campbell dies at his Emma Street residence.

First observance of Labor Day in Hawai'i.

Registered voters in the Islands number 11,216.

YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) celebrates 31 years in Honolulu.

Wholesale businesses join movement for monthly instead of quarterly settlement of accounts.

$10,684,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai'i; exports total $14,404,000.

Following a debilitating hurricane that strikes their home island, a group of 498 Puerto Ricans comes to Hawai'i to work.

American-Hawaiian Steamship Company begins construction of 22 steel cargo vessels suitable for shipping bulk sugar.

Pioneer Electric Railway established in Honolulu.

Hilo Railroad Company begins operations on the Big Island.

With passage of the Organic Act, U.S. laws applying to Hawai'i prohibit contract labor.

Kam Chung-yu and Leong Pak-hung, two of the earliest Koreans in Hawai'i, arrive; they list their occupations as druggist and laborer respectively.

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Lorrin A. Thurston becomes publisher of the Pacific Commercial Advertiser.

First inter-island message by Marconi wireless sent from Kaimuki to Moloka'i.

Emmeluth & Company Ltd., advertises solar water heaters.

Ichitaro Katsuki - first Japanese physician educated in the United States - sent to Hawai'i by the San Francisco Health Department to investigate the outbreak of bubonic plague. Katsuki remains and works as a pioneer physician among Japanese plantation workers on O'ahu.

First Okinawan immigrants arrive aboard the SS China.

"The First Chinese Newspaper in Hawaii," the New China Daily Press, begins publication.

First Zeppelin launched.

First completely steel-framed building built in Chicago.

The paper clip invented.

The Kodak Brownie box camera introduced.

Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz published.

Boxer Rebellion in China put down by European armies.

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