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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Formed to fight for a less liberal constitution, the Hawaiian League forces Kalakaua to sign the "Bayonet Constitution." Read More.

Mass meeting of Honolulu's citizens requesting dismissal of Gibson ministry.

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Queen Kapi'olani and Lili'uokalanai attend Queen Victoria's jubilee in England.

Mission headed by John E. Bush arrives in Samoa to begin implementing Kalakaua's program to assert "primacy in the family of Polynesian states."

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Walter Murray Gibson allowed to leave for the mainland to avoid being lynched. A new cabinet is appointed with W.L. Green as Premier.

Princess Miriam Likelike - sister to King Kalakaua - dies at age 36.

Celebrated "Madras case" tried before a jury results in damages against the government of $22,942. The Madras, a British ship, had arrived in Hawai'i unannounced and demanded port entry under a United Kingdom treaty. Hawaiian officials violated the treaty by refusing quarantine for the ship.

First general convention held to nominate Nobles from the island of O'ahu and Representatives from Honolulu.

Reciprocity treaty with the United States renewed for seven years.

$4,944,000 worth of imports arrive in the Islands; exports total $9,529,000.

Teachers first required to pass an examination before being hired.

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The Kamehameha School for Boys opens in Honolulu.

Scott Wilson collects a single specimen of the Kona Grosbeak in Kona district at 5,000 feet elevation; he describes it as a new genus, Chloridops.

Severe earthquakes shake the district of Ka'u, Hawai'i. Lava flows from the summit crater of Mauna Loa, running through Kahuku, Ka'u, to the sea.

Missionary and physician J.W. Smith dies as Koloa, Kaua'i where he had served since 1842.

Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee celebrated.

Rowell Hodge patents barbed wire.

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