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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Kamehameha II and Kamamalu set out on British whaling ship for Great Britain.

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Keopuolani, mother of Kamehameha II, Kamehameha III and Nahienaena, dies.

Law proclaimed for public observance of the Sabbath.

Rev. Mr. Ellis arrives from Tahiti.

Liholiho hosts a festival commemorating the death of Kamehameha I.

Hoapilikane appointed governor of Maui and is married by Rev. Richards to Kaheiheimalie, also known as Hoapiliwahine, a widow of Kamehameha and sister to Ka`ahumanu.

The worst mutiny in whaling history erupts near Fanning Island.

Rev. William Ellis makes the first written record of volcanic activity when he describes Kilauea Crater and takes down information from Hawaiians about past eruptions, going back to 1801, 1790 and 1750.

Mission printing press moved from a grass-roofed hut at Kawaiaha`o to the first building used regularly as a printing office.

Na Himeni Hawai’i (Hymns of Hawai’i) is the first book published in the Islands.

Charles Macintosh develops new fabric for making raincoats.

Hokusai begins his Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji.

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