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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Kamehameha dies.

Kamehameha II and advisors end the formal religious kapu system. Read More.

French corvette L'Uranie with Captain Freycinct arrives at Kawaihae and the ship's chaplain baptizes Boki and Kalaimoku.

Kekuaokalani, son of Keli`imaika`i and cousin to Liholiho, revolts in defense of the kapu in Hamakua. Kekuaokalani's rebellion is unsuccessful. Read More.

The total population of Hawai`i is 144,000.

First sugar manufactured by Francisco De Paula Marin on O`ahu.

First whaling ships arrive in Hawai`i.

Hoffman's Haimatochare, printed in German, is the first piece of fiction to use Hawai`i as a setting.

Island residents see their first camera when Jacques Etienne Victor Arago, draftsman on the De Freycinet expedition reports that he "showed Riouriou a Camera-obscura," a filmless device for facilitating the sketching of scenes.

Singapore founded by the East India Company.

John Keats writes his great odes, including To a Nightingale.

Electromagnetism discovered.

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