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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Kaua`i joins united Hawaiian Kingdom.

Scotsman Archibald Campbell arrives aboard the Russian Imperial ship Neva. Residing on O`ahu, Campbell works as a sailmaker for Kamehameha and later writes accounts of the chief and island customs.

Opukahaia (Henry Obookiah) sails to New England where he becomes the first Hawaiian convert to Christianity.

Russian governor of Alaska indicates interest in Hawai`i; fort is built, imperial flag raised, talks to lease Kaua`i begun but not finalized.

John Palmer Parker, a sailor from Massachusettes, arrives in the Islands. He marries a Hawaiian princess and begins domesticating wild cattle and horses.

A Russian ship, the Neva, arrives in Hawai`i to pick up a cargo of salt.

By this time, fleas (`ukulele, or leaping flea) have infested houses, caves and interisland schooners. Some probably arrived with Polynesian rats, but more aggressive varieties arrived via European or American ships.

Don Francisco de Paula Marin begins keeping a journal in Spanish, documenting contemporary Hawaiian history through 1826.

Polarization of light discovered by Etienne Malus.

Composer Joseph Haydn dies.

French painter Jacques Louis David awarded Legion of Honor.

American writer and revolutionary Thomas Paine dies.

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