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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Ka`u chief Keoua, Kamehameha's chief rival on Hawai`i Island, killed and sacrificed at Pu`ukohola heiau. Read More.

Kamehameha begins conquest of the Islands.

Kamehameha and his people get their first taste of alcohol when Kamehameha, along with Young and Davis, goes aboard Captain Maxwell's ship and "there they all drank rum…Then nothing would do but Kalanimoku must get some of this sparkling water, and he was the first chief to buy rum."

Kamehameha is victorious in the battle of Kepuwahaulaula or Kawai, fought by the combined forces of Kahekili and his brother Kaeo, chief of Kaua`i, against Kamehameha, at Pali-Hulaana, near Waimanu, Hamakua, Kamehameha is victorious.

Opai, the first Hawaiian to visit the United States, returns after an around-the-world voyage aboard the Columbia Rediviva.

Captain James Colnett introduces a ram and two ewes to Kaua`i.

The first French trading ship, Solide, under Etienne Marchand, passes through the Islands.

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In a battle of canoe fleets off the north coast of Hawai`i, Young and Davis used cannon fire to great effect for the side of Kamehameha.

The heiau of Pu`ukohola at Kawaihae is built by order of Kamehameha.

James Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson published.

Mozart's Magic Flute first performed.

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