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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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After almost a year to the date of their first sighting, Cook's ships return to the Islands, this time seeking refuge in the harbor off Kealakekua on Hawai`i Island. Three weeks later, Cook and his crew depart but gale winds damage the Resolution's mast and the ships return for repairs. When the Discovery's cutter is stolen, Cook goes on shore the next morning with nine armed marines to take Chief Kalani`opu`u hostage. Hawaiian warriors fall on the Englishmen, killing Cook and four marines. Avenging Cook's death, sailors kill scores of Hawaiians, burn heiau, and bomb villages before leaving Hawai`i. Read More.

A crewman aboard Cook's ships observes Hawaiian priests’ herbal treatment of venereal disease, noting "if they do effect a Cure it is probably more owning to cleanliness and the simple Manner of living among these Islands than to any Virtue in the Herb."

Captain Cook's men play the French horn, violin and "German flute," introducing Hawaiians to Western instrumental music.

The first Christian service on Hawaiian soil is conducted at Napo`opo`o at the burial of a member of Cook's crew.

Siege of Gibraltar imposed by Spain.

Samuel Crompton invents the spinning-mule, enabling British manufacturers to produce their own fine muslins.

Lafayette returns from America and asks French king for more money for American revolutionaries.

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