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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Over a hundred killed in Olowalu massacre. Read More.

A massive eruption of Kilauea destroys forces of Kamehameha's opponent, Keoa Kuahu`ula.

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John Young, an English boatswain of the ship Eleanora, kidnapped by order of Kamehameha and detained.

In the summer months, Kamehameha invades Maui, lands at Hana, proceeds through the Ko`olau district to Hamakualoa, and slices between Halehaku and Kokomo. A battle is fought against the Maui forces; Kamehameha emerges victorious.

The battle of `Iao or Kepaniwai fought between Kamehameha and Kalanikupule, the son of Kahekili. Kalanikupule flees. Read More.

Kalola, widow of Kalani`opu`u and mother of Kiwalao, dies at Kalamaula, Moloka`i.

Keoa Kuahu`ula invades Hilo. Keawemauhili is slain during the battle of Alae. Keoua carries the battle into Hamakua and Waimea. Kamehameha returns from Moloka`i, and fights the battles at Pa`auhau and at Koapapa in Hamakua. Keoua retreats to Hilo and Kamehameha stops to recruit at Waipi`o.

Captains George Dixon and John Meares dispute claims that they provided arms and powder to Hawaiian chiefs with the consequence of "a most shocking scene of blood and massacre." The dispute reflects the caution with which certain items are traded in the Islands.

John Young and Isaac Davis, two British sailors marooned in Hawai`i, build the first foreign style masonry buildings in the Islands.

Edmund Burke writes Reflections on the Revolution in France.

Dr. Joseph Guillotin proposes an execution machine that cuts off heads as painlessly as possible.

Austrian Emperor Josef II dies.

Benjamin Franklin dies; 22,000 attend his funeral in Philadelphia.

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