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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

Mongoose imported during this decade to attack rats in the cane fields.

The American Navy steam frigate Powhatan visits Hawai'i enroute to the U.S. bringing members of the first Japanese embassy.

Custom House building built.

Water Commission established to settle disputes.

Prince Lot Kamehameha sails for California.

Rev. Dr. R. Armstrong, Minister of Public Instruction, dies in Honolulu.

$1,224,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai'i; exports total $677,000.

The Islands export 1,444,271 pounds of sugar and 108,613 gallons of molasses.

Trial planting of rice seed from South Carolina begins craze for rice raising.

Honolulu Flour Mill and Foundry burns.

Steamer Kilauea arrives from New London to enter the coasting service in Hawai'i.

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In Honolulu, foundation stone laid for the first Hawaiian hospital, the Queen's Hospital, at the site of its present location.

Honolulu's Chinatown established. The oldest Chinatown in the nation, today it is an urban collection of Asian temples and shrines, produce, meat and fish markets, small factories and lei stands.

Kamehameha IV sponsors contest for a new national anthem for Hawai'i with lyrics to match the tune of "God Save the King." Charles Lunalilo writes the winning entry, taking the cash prize of ten dollars.

Italy politically united except for Venetia and Rome.

Lincoln elected president of the United States.

First "repeating" rifle produced by Oliver F. Winchester.

First relay of Pony Express travels from St. Louis to Sacramento.

Florence Nightingale founds first school of nursing.

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