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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Over an eight-month period, a smallpox epidemic claims the lives of 5,000 to 6,000 Hawaiians.

First general census of Hawai'i lists population of the Islands at 73,138; a steady diminishing of native Hawaiians indicates a trend that will continue for a generation.

Mormon missionaries arrive.

Kamehameha III names his nephew and adopted son Alexander Liholiho heir apparent.

Postmaster of Hawai'i issues five-cent and 13-cent stamps.

Regular steamer service starts among the Islands.

Akamai, first ship owned by the Hawaiian Steam Navigation Company, used in inter-island trade.

The Islands export 642,746 pounds of sugar and 75,769 gallons of molasses.

$1,322,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai'i; exports total $346,000.

Lihue Plantation installs first steam-operated sugar mill.

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First sewing machines introduced to Hawai'i.

Famed American clipper ship Sovereign of the Seas arrives under Lauchlan McKay; on its return voyage to New York, the fast sailing vessel is the first to chalk up more than 400 sea miles in a day.

Amateur Music Society formed.

Variety Theater opens in Honolulu.

Verdi's opera La Traviata opens.

Henry Steinway & Sons begins to manufacture pianos in New York City.

Admiral Matthew G. Perry uses force to "open" Japanese ports.

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