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Overview of time periods in Hawaii's post-contact history

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Life in Hawai‘i Business & Economy Arts & Science World Events

First government with six ministers and a privy council forms the executive body of the kingdom.

Danish corvette Galathea arrives; Captain Bille negotiates Danish treaty with Hawai'i.

The French naval frigate Virginie arrives to restore the $20,000 taken by the captain of the Artemise.

The British sidewheel steamer Cormorant arrives, first steamer to visit Hawai'i under power.

Oahu Temperance Society forms.

Commissioners appointed to settle land claims.

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A record 736 whaling ships visit the Islands during the year. Read More.

$598,000 worth of imports arrive in Hawai'i; exports total $190,000.

Forestry begins in Hawai'i with King Kamehameha III's Act No. 2 declaring "the forests and timber growing therein shall be considered government property, and under the special care of the Minister of the Interior…"

Frenchman "Senor" Le Bleu, one of Hawaii's first commercial photographers, arrives in Honolulu.

Ether used as an anaesthetic during operations.

Mexican-American War begins over disputed territories.

Brigham Young leads westward migration of the Mormons after J. Smith is murdered.

Severe potato famine grips Ireland.

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