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Birth of the Islands

Hawaiian Culture


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Proud to be a native Hawaiian.
By Desiree

" I was born in 1955, 4 yrs. before Hawai'i became a state on August 21, 1959. Our Hawaiian culture is unique' in it's own way. Our language, hula (dance), history, and our beautiful Lei making is what makes the Hawaiian culture special. We greet you with a heartwarming Hula and Lei's, as we also send our visitors home with the same. Coming to Hawai'i you will smell the fresh island air scented by the flowers, food and ocean. Come, be welcomed with a lei and kiss on the cheek and enjoy our Hawai'i Nei. Aloha!"
Trip to Paradise
By Debbie

"My husband took me to Hawaii for our 20th anniversary, and I fell in love with hawaii, it's beauty, culture, and it's people. I can't wait to visit again."
Ka Hae Hawaii
By Allen

"I totally agree with the person who said we don't need another flag today because we had one from the past.

From 1794-1816 King Kamehameha flew the "Union Jack" both in the old form (1606 version)and the mondern form (1801 form). After he completed consolidating the islands it was time for him to have his own flag that represents his own Kingdom...he help design his own flag and called it "Ka Hae Hawaii". This banner flew from 1816-1843 and in 1843Lord Paulet, a naval officer in the British Navy, briefly occupied Hawaii in the name of Great Britain and had all the flags destroyed. The annexation was never approved by Great Britain. Commander Thomas was sent to Hawaii to settle this illegal takeover as he reliefed the Junior Officer of his duties and restored the Kingdom back to Kamehameha III.

In 1845, at the opening of the Legislature Counsel, the new flag was raised, and that flag is the flag we have today. The same day the new flag was introduced, Kamehameha III, at a ceremony at Kawaihao Church, coined the motto "Ua mau ke 'ea o ka 'aina i ka pono".

No one knows what "Ka Hae Hawaii" looks like, there is no replica because they were all destroyed. After extensive research, I know what it looks like now. And yes, this flag, "Ka Hae Hawaii",even if it is a likeness of another country's flag, should be the flag of the new Hawaiian Kingdom because it was Kamehameha the Great's choice and design, and we must respect that. But, what flag does not look like a hybrid of another?

The flag of today represented Hawaii as the Kingdom of Hawaii, as the Provisional Government of Hawaii, as the Republic of Hawaii, as the Territory of Hawaii and as the State of Hawaii. "Ka Hae Hawaii" only represented the "Kingdom of Hawaii" and should be our flag of today. Maybe that is why there is no meaningful sovereignty movement...we don't have a flag to fight for.

While we are on the subject, another item which should be up for discussion is the "coat of arms". The coat of arms of the past is different from the new State of Hawaii version. Since we will try to restore the flag maybe we can also restore the "coat of arms".

Mahalo "
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Rising from the depths of the sea, a young chain of islands came to grace the middle of the Pacific like a flower lei floating on the tide. Geographically isolated and settled by Polynesian voyagers from the South Pacific, the Hawaiian Islands became the hosting ground for a unique natural environment and human culture.

Colonized by plants and animals in a haphazard manner - Hawai`i was days away from anywhere via bird flight, weeks or months away via ocean drift - the islands grew to a lush and varied maturity. The Polynesian society that eventually overlaid the islands grew in concert with the natural environment, developing a sophisticated system of stewardship and unmatched levels of culture and artistry. It was this complex and stunning world that Western explorers encountered when they chanced upon the Islands.

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Birth of the Islands

A hotspot beneath the Pacific Plate created Hawaii's volcanic islands. As this hotspot has remained stationary over the last 40 million years, the plate above has drifted west-northwest at a rate of three and a half inches per year. More »

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Hawaiian Culture

After the Polynesians arrived in Hawai`i, the stories and chants they brought from western Polynesia soon grew to include events and details derived from their new home. The travelers also brought with them an array of plants and animals, including taro, ti, kukui, noni, olona, `uala (sweet potato), wauke, chickens, pigs and dogs.
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