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Olowalu Massacre

An incident that came to be called the Olowalu Massacre occurred off Honua'ula, Maui. Captain Simon Metcalfe anchored his trading ship the Eleanora off shore, probably at Makena Bay, to barter for necessary provisions. A chief stole one of Metcalfe's small boats and killed a watchman. Angered, Metcalfe sailed off toward Olowalu to barter for hogs while Chiefess Kalola, knowing the explosive nature of the situation, declared a three-day kapu on all canoes approaching the Eleanora. When the kapu was lifted and Kalola's husband Kaopuiki returned only the stolen boat's keel and the watchman's stripped thighbones, an enraged Metcalfe encouraged trading canoes to approach the Eleanora and then opened fire with the ship's guns. Over 100 Hawaiians were killed in the incident with over 100 others wounded. Hawaiians referred to the slaughter as Kalolopahu, or spilled brains.

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