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Oki Shikina
By Leilani

"Oki Shikina was a Hawaiian Championship wrestler and my uncle. He later went on the be a professional wresling umpire in Japan. I have found info on the internet from professional organizations, does anyone have any stories they can share?"
Fredrick William Kahapula Beckley
By Gaylynne

"My Great Grand Father's name is Fredrick William Kahapula Beckley of Honolulu, Hawaii He was married to My Great Grand Mother Name is Alice Keanu Lahapa (Kekipi) of North Kohala, Hawaii. They had a Daughter Named: Charlotte Clara Abigail Pauahi Beckley. She is My Grand Mother. Born- 12-28-1916 I was told that my Great Grandpa Beckley was a Professor of the University of Hawaii.
Aloha, Malamapono"
ancestry mcdonald
By sharon

"I was just today looking for my family in joplin missouri city directories. i found that a man I believe is my great-grandfathers brother john mcdonald was born in the 1850's. he died in 1926 in honolulu he was 71 years old?!?! I was just asking myself, why did my ancestor from Missouri die in honolulu??"
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introduction introduction introduction introduction introduction
When Captain James Cook arrived in the Islands in 1778, he and his crew were the first Westerners to observe the rich Polynesian culture that had evolved over the course of centuries. More...

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Kamehameha's sons and grandsons continued to rule his unified kingdom in the decades following his death. Kamehameha III did much to codify More...

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Annexation secured the sugar industry's U.S. mainland markets and plantations continued to boom. Sugar continued to drive the economy More...

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World War II was a faraway affair until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. After that, Hawai`i became central to the United States’ war effort in the Pacific. More...

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The early 1960s brought the advent of jet travel and an astronomic leap in island tourism. Hundreds of weekly visitor arrivals jumped to thousands More...

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